Daily maintenance of washing machine

Daily maintenance of washing machine


In the field of glass deep processing industry, the quality of edge grinding, glass cleaning has a great impact on the post-process processing and production. Common cleaning problems include: surface water marks, air knife marks, dirt, etc. Glass after tempering, temperature achieves glass to soften temperature 630 degrees, stain and glass union, after cooling becomes permanent blemish. If the glass needs laminating, the coating will magnify the glass defects. For laminating glass to be tempered, the process of coating first and then tempering is implemented. The quality requirements of cleaning coated glass are very strict. Common defects include scratches, abrasives, oxidation and cleaning stains. Some hidden defects appear after the completion of the tempering, which brings some difficulties to the control of the operation process. Therefore, the daily maintenance of edge grinding machine is particularly critical.

Glass Washing Machine Daily Maintenance

1.  Clear the dirt and dust from the surface of the roller and equipment. Keep the workshop clean.

2.  Keep the blower filter clean, maintain smooth ventilation.

3.  Clean water tank filter and clear the debris and broken glass, when necessary, pull out the water tank to clear glass powder.

4.  Replace circulating water in the water tank (at least once every 8 hours).

5.  Clear the debris and glass powder in water storage tray of the uploading section.

6.  Check each button, indicator light, insure its proper functioning.

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