Regular maintenance of washing machine-1

Regular maintenance of washing machine-1


The regular maintenance of glass washing machine is divided into monthly maintenance and quarterly maintenance, monthly maintenance is: cleaning machine nozzle, transmission roller, disk brush, roller brush, water plate, inner wall water barrier plate, water tank, top cover, water pipe, wind knife blade, wind knife blade in front of the water barrier plate, air pipe inspection, cleaning and adjustment. Quarterly maintenance: in addition to the monthly maintenance, but also to clean the internal blower lamp tube, and disassemble the roller brush, transmission roller for thorough maintenance.

1. Clean machine outside and inside.

Cleaning the cover plate of the glass washing machine.First, wipe the blower cover until the surface is dust-free, clean and bright. Then use oil-free dishcloth to clean cover plate and machine inside, to the pure water washing section, clean the cover plate with pure water and use alcohol to wipe again.

2. Clean the machine inside, isolation plate and water plate

Use oil-free dishcloth cleaning machine inside, if there is glass in machine, should first remove the glass with a vacuum cleaner, if glass residue is larger, to take out the glass residue by wearing gloves, the washing machine inner cannot gather dirt. For the isolation plate, if the gap is too small to hand to go in with, using the steel tape wrapped clean grease-free cloth soaked in alcohol to clean, until there is no dirt. After wiping, rinse with high pressure water gun. To clean the water plate, gently pull out the water plate, rinse with high pressure water gun, and wipe clean with cloth.

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