Glass Washing Machine Before Printing
  • Glass Washing Machine Before Printing

Glass Washing Machine Before Printing

Brand Junya

Product origin China

Delivery time 30 days

Supply capacity 50 sets/month


1. Horizontal glass washing machine is used for flat glass, especially for glass before coating, mirror coating and printing.
2. The horizontal glass washing machine mainly consists of loading section, washing section, drying section and unloading section.
3. Main drive is gear drive and inverter speed control.
4. The horizontal glass washing machine is designed as four-step washing and equipped with three pairs of brushes and four tanks. The machine also has two pairs of single side disk brushes and high pressure pump.


Glass Washing Machine Before Printing

Structure Features

1.The machine structure is aluminum alloy assembled structure,never scrap, with permanent service life, and it is high efficiency machine which can save 70% energy. The machine is for washing glass before mirror coating, coating and digital printing.

2.Other structure parts are top- grade powder coated which is better than paint and make machine surface corrosion resistance

3.All transmitting rubber rollers of the machine are vulcanized rubber with SS304 shaft(They are forbidden to contact with acidic liquids.), which can reduce secondary pollution for glass caused by rust, to achieve requirements for high quality wash.

4.Washing section and other parts contacted with water are made of stainless steel material to reduce secondary pollution and rust problem.

5.Washing section and drying section can be lift up 350mm as a whole, which is convenient to wash and maintain.Two times protect:digital control stroke protection, safety limit switch protection.

6.The machine has three pairs of brushes (φ160mm) with SS304 shaft.

7.The machine has two pairs of air knife made of stainless steel and aluminum, which has large wind and good drying effect. The machine has air heating system.( Remark:machine for export need to be separated design which cost is different)

8.Blower has air filter in air inlet, big airflow and excellent drying effect. The whole blower is installed on the top of machine to save space and it can be risen up together with washing and drying section, and the air filter is on the side for convenient inspection and cleaning. Air filter is need to clean every 7 days.

9.Main drive is gear drive, frequency speed control and digital display. Brush roller drive of washing section is drove by upper and lower motors with separate belts. With the advantages of automotive pulleys without tension wheel, flexible brush rotation, high precision, etc., brushes have smooth speed and long service life and can wash special glass which need high quality clearance.

10.PLC control and touch screen display, for convenient operation and maintenance; It’s a good choice for saving labor if connect with other machines. Connected frequency conversion, other machine can control washing machine speed.

11.Water tanks of machine are movable and put on side , which is easy for cleaning , changing water, checking, etc., and make washing effect better.

12.Has blower inverter and sensor and loading section which can delay machine stop.

13.Working Environment: dust free workshop

14.The machine need use purified water.Water tank separated in several section. One of them is for cup brush section, when working, the behind sections will continuous add purified water; after that section full, water will flow into the front section. After cup brush section, there is row of spraying nozzles and air knife.

Technical Parameters

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Our Certificates Practical New Patents, CE
Our Certificates  Practical New Patents, CE
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