Cleaning principle and debugging method of glass washer

Cleaning principle and debugging method of glass washer


Glass washer is a special equipment for cleaning and drying the glass surface in the pre-processes of deep processing such as mirror making, vacuum coating, tempering, hot bending, and insulating glass.

  Glass washer cleaning principle

  The high-pressure water of the glass washer will peel off the dirt and wash it away. The impact of the water is greater than the adhesion of the dirt and the surface. The maximum pressure of the glass washer is 130 bar. In order to achieve high temperature and high pressure of water, and then heating, as the main item of car beauty, the water outlet pressure is high. However, the glass washer is inconvenient to maintain without understanding. In order to reduce the failure rate of the equipment, the principle of the washing machine is to use the power unit to generate the high pressure water of the high pressure plunger pump to wash the surface glass washer.

  high-pressure spray gun will spray it, the highest temperature is 90 degrees Celsius. Vehicle cleaning requires more and more cleaning equipment, and high-pressure cold water cleaning machines can be used to clean glass cleaning machines outside vehicles. Engines with high oil content and other parts can be cleaned by a high temperature and high pressure washer. High-temperature and high-pressure cleaners are mainly imported equipment. The high-pressure cleaners are used to wash various motor vehicles, equipment, building exterior walls, floors, bathtubs, swimming pools and other glass cleaners. The temperature is high and the cleaning effect is good. The cleaning machine first uses tap water (water pressure not less than 1 bar) to press the plunger pump driven by the three-phase motor to high pressure, and the cleaning equipment has a complex structure. Then use fuel (diesel) heater to heat. The accessories are expensive, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface of the object, extend the service life of the glass washer, and the machine must be used and maintained correctly.

glass washer

  Glass washer debugging method

  The on-site conditions of the glass washer should be equipped with 380V AC power supply, industrial tap water source and drainage ditch. The glass washer should be correctly placed in the feed section racks, cleaning section racks, drying section racks, discharge section racks, control cabinets and ventilation cabinets.

  The glass washer should adjust the support to adjust the level of the whole machine, the tolerance is 1.5MM, and the longitudinal direction is 3MM (only allow the feed section to be higher than the discharge section). After the vertical level of the glass washer meets the requirements, the four sections of the frame are connected and tightened (the frame is equipped with a pair of connecting bolts).

  Apply glass glue in the gaps between the feed section rack and the cleaning section rack, and the cleaning section rack and the drying section rack to prevent water leakage at two places. Connect the transmission systems according to relevant standards. The glass washer should clean the water tank before filling the water tank. After installation and adjustment, test run according to the operating sequence specified in this manual. When cleaning the smallest glass sheet, do not place it parallel to the transfer roller.

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